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2nd September 2014, Tuesday

How to Impress a Boy, Guy, Ladko ko patane ke Tarike Tips

How to Impress a Boy, Guy, Ladko ko patane ke Tarike Tips : – Are you a young girl who likes a boy ? Does he know you like him, and do you want to get his attention? What makes a girl attractive and irresistible? How to impress a guy and you’ll be on his mind long after you walk away from him. ladko ko patane ke tarike desires to be used to Show your emotions to your buddies, members of the family, and special and near ones. Then you should read on because this article will help you impress that boy.

How to impress a guy and make him want you


Ladko ko patane ke Tips

  • Smile and laugh a lot around him : Remember to always smile if you get near him or see him once he looks at you. Remember to have a bright white smile and have fresh-smelling breath when you talk to him. Don’t smile too much, because it will be awkward for the guy, and maybe even you.

  • Find out what he likes : Don’t change yourself to become what he likes but find what you two have in common and talk about that.

  • Find an excuse to get his number! For example, if you are doing a project together. Or, you can bring up the fact you have a phone.

  • Don’t be nervous. If you like a guy, go ahead and talk to him!Make sure you talk about things he likes, or he might lose interest in you, if he ever liked you. Be sure to not act too clingy or annoying, because that will turn him off fast.

  • If he doesn’t have a phone talk about AIM, Facebook,Twitter or Myspace. Talk about glitches or something interesting that happened. This will bring up the topic and maybe get you a screen name!

  • Make the first move. Most girls don’t think that they shouldn’t but heaps of guys want the girl to because they’re too shy. A guy loves to know that a girl isn’t so shy being with him and is setting a comfortable environment around him. A lot of guys consider this to be a really cool thing to do, as it takes a lot of the stress off of them.Also Read- How to Impress or Attract a girl in College




  • Even though you’re only a school girl I know that we all get crushes. Especially when you are in school. So go up to the guy and if you are friends with him then ask him for help in a subject even if you already know how to do something. If he is not interested in you at all you will know depending on his answer.

  • Ask him a question. Guys love that a girl is actually the one who flirts with him first. Once you get to know him better, don’t be afraid to start giving him hugs and such because it will help the guy know you like him

  • Play with your image. Try using different hair ideas. Curl, straighten or crimp your hair every once and a while. Guys like change and it’ll get him to notice you.

  • Compliment him. You could say, “You are very smart,” or, “You look nice,” but make it sound kind of casual; guys like feeling confident.

  • Don’t talk about other guys or relationships. It’s never good to make the guy nervous!

  • Maybe hang out with him somewhere romantic or nice. Then start wearing cool, casual clothes. This can impress a guy. If it works out between you two on the first kiss don’t forget to have minty breath

  • Don’t use him.

How To Impress a Man on a Date


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Ladko ko patane ka new style in very simple manner
  1. Sabse pehle Ladke ke baare me complete information collect karo. Uske dosto se uske ghar ke aas pass ke logo se, past ki puri detail nikal lo taki aage chal ke aap log ko koi pareshaani na ho.

  2. Aapne aap ko aise maintain krke rakho like: different hair style, dressing sense, fregnence etc. ish se boys attract honge aapki traf.***

  3. Details ke baad aapko sabse pehle usse dhire dhire baat start karni hogi.Agar uske pass phone hain to kisi bhi tarh uska number le le. Phir aap kuch romantic sms bheje aur dhere dhere baat start karne ki koshish kare.

  4.  Phir ladke ko ehsaas dilate raho ki aap usko pasand karte ho and Usse friendship karna chahte ho.

  5. Hamesha other boys/girls ki baate na kare jis se mind divert hota hai.

  6. Starting mein kabhi bhi zyada serious mat hona pyar mein, feeling hain aachi baat h par zyada nai. Agar us ne manna kar dia to dard bahut zyada hota hain.***

  7. Uske baad aapko time to time usse puchte raho uski favorite Dish, Fruit, Destination, color, songs etc. kya kya hain.

  8. Apni Facebook I’d and Password Jarur de ish se kabhi galat femi & breakup hone ke chance kum hone humesha trust bana rahega,***

  9. kabhi bhi apni kamzoori mat pata lagne dena warna woh bar bar ussi ko apna hatiyaar bana lega!

  10. ladke ko propose aap khud karein kissi bhi yaar dost se na kraye..

  11. Kabhi bhi or kisi boys ki tarif mat kro unke samne ish se woh bahut jealous feel krte hai.***

  12. propose right time aur mauka dekhker kare.

  13.  kabhi bhi propose se pehle kisi ko mat pata lagne dena ki aap us ladke ko pasand karte ho.kyu ki bahut se log hote hain jo bich mein aa ke apka khel kharab kar sakte hain.

  14. Eye contact kre ish se boys jlde attract hote hai.***

  15. Usko hameshaa yeh ehsaas dilate rahe ki aap din raat unko yaad karte rehte ho.

  16. Apne cellphone mei unhi ki pic screen pe lagaye.

  17. Agar kabhi bhi ladka apne parents ke sath hain to samne jarur jaye.

  18. Kabhi bhi unse bahas na kare hamesha unki baat manne.

  19. Ladke ka agar patana ho to sabse pehle uski mummy k samne aacha impression jamaye.

  20. Hamesha uski aur uske parent ki respect karein.

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When The Tips is helpful 2 u then Share and Comment your views Below

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